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Player Information

Name: Mia (Jayne)
Personal Journal: [personal profile] bronnichiwa
Age: 21
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] bronnichwa
Other Characters Played:
Mia (Golden Sun)
Zelos Wilder

Character Information

Character Name: Franziska von Karma
Character Series: Ace Attorney Series
Character Age: 17
Character Gender: Female
Original Canon
Canon Point: Post Case 2-4
Background Link: Foolish link for fools.
Personality: In the not-too far distant future, where the court is a battleground between prosecutors and defense attorneys, one name reigns supreme: von Karma. A Von Karma is perfect in everything they do; a von Karma attains a guilty verdict in court, no matter what methods they have to resort to using, and no matter the actual guilt or innocence of their client. Manfred von Karma, Franziska's father, maintained a perfect record for 40 years before being bested by Phoenix Wright, and Franziska came to America to take her revenge.

At least, that's what it appears like on the surface. While it's true that Franziska is a prodigy, who first became a prosecuting attorney at age 13, studying in Germany, and had a perfect win record up until her battle with Phoenix Wright, it's later revealed that her father wasn't the person she traveled to take revenge for. While Wright was ultimately responsible for his death, it is implied that him and Franziska weren't on the best of terms. Rather, it's revealed shortly after the last case of Matt Engarde, that much of her attitude was a result of pressure that was placed upon her when she was a child. While her father was a prosecuting genius, and she was certainly smart, she wasn't quite at the same level. As she herself states, “[she]... [she] had to be one. [she] had to.” For her, being raised as the daughter of von Karma, failure was never an option. This was something no one, not even Edgeworth, who'd she'd grown up with, could understand; it was the price of being Manfred von Karma's daughter.

And a Von Karma's methods in court were anything but pristine. While no prosecutor would actually counterfeit evidence, it wasn't unheard of for a Von Karma to leave out a piece that was crucial to the case, or to provide the witness with a “small list” of topics it was okay to discuss in the order it was okay to discuss them. Furthermore, even though things such as sumbitting a picture taken in the interrogation room as evidence were illegal, presenting it anyway and burning it into the minds of the people present in court were not. After all, the client's true guilt, to the perfect prosecutor, didn't matter, all that mattered was that the prosecutor obtained a guilty verdict. In order to uphold her family name, Franziska was willing to go to almost any length to win a case; not only did she take the time to study up on everything, including the Kurain channeling technique, for the case of Maya Fey; after she was shot by DeKiller in the Engarde trial, she extracted and kept the bullet with the pure purpose of being able to match it with the gun, so that it could be used as a piece of evidence. From her perspective as a Von Karma, victory had to be attained by any means necessary.

From this attitude, a tendency to put down others, both physically and mentally came about. She refers to others as “fools” often to the point where it becomes lengthened for comedic effect, (i.e. “a foolish fool who foolishly spends his time foolishly). Even as a child, she carried a riding crop, but once she became a teenager and began prosecuting in court, she began to carry a whip. She often uses the whip in court, such as when defense presents evidence that looks like it might impact her guilty verdict or when a witness is being “difficult.” When she loses to Phoenix Wright in the first case of the second game, she becomes so angry that she whips Phoenix Wright unconscious. However, as Pearl later points out in the third game, the whip is just really something that she uses to feel more important about herself, and that behind it, she's really not more than a little girl.

Her attitude reflects this as well. Although she often seems cold to most people, she actually does value people at heart. Although she constantly bosses Detective Gumshoe around (and refers to him as nothing but Scruffy), she is ultimately thankful for his help, even if she would never say it, and most of the time he is utterly incompetent. When she accidentally packs his coat in her suitcase, she ultimately cares enough to send it back to him, instead of throwing it away, as she first states she'll do. After her revelation post 2-4, she's kind enough to compliment Sister Bikini (and almost Larry Butz), and begins to almost show consideration for other people. When Pearl insults her and refers to her as a little girl, she's visibly disturbed, and she's later shown berating Phoenix for not taking better care of the nine year old during the Iris case. During the Iris case, she tags along with Phoenix as he gathers evidence, even helping him on several occasions, although even then, she never forgets to be without her trusty whip.

The whip also symbolizes her career as a prosecutor. When she becomes angry at the end of the trial of Matt Engarde, that even when she's the one responsible for getting the guilty verdict on Phoenix Wright's client, it ultimately works to Wright's advantage, she tries to run away from her career as a prosecutor. When this occurs, the first thing she discards is her whip, symbolizing her departure from the courtroom. Later, Edgeworth finds her and confronts her, and returns the whip in an effort to return to the courtroom.

Her relationship with Edgeworth is by far the most interesting. Although they were raised together, Edgeworth naturally excelled in many things that she didn't, and thus she always felt like she was forced to be running to catch up. As a Von Karma, she couldn't lose to anyone, not in good faith. When Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth “chooses death,” she feels betrayed. He was the man that she had competed with all those years, only to suddenly fall off the map and lose to some nobody defense-attorney from Los Angeles. However, unlike some of the cast, Franziska doesn't believe in his death. Ultimately, the reason she comes to America is to take revenge on Edgeworth, but it's more than just that. She believes that Phoenix Wright is the man responsible for Edgeworth's disappearance, and if she defeats him, she will be able to take revenge on Edgeworth. Furthermore, if she can defeat Phoenix, the man that Edgeworth lost to, she'd be able to rise one step above. Although ultimately she fails, it's Edgeworth who confronts her, and convinces her to continue prosecuting, claiming that he won't wait for her, if she steps off the path here, he will continue on regardless. This ultimately spurns her to continue forward, urging her to “find the true meaning of being a prosecutor” as he had done so many years before.

von Karma takes this lecture to heart, and, vows that “Legends are a thing of the past. [She is] a Von Karma. That is all”

Abilities: She has a whip; while it knocks Phoenix out in canon, it isn't confirmed to have any mystical or magical properties, and Franziska is technically untrained.
Sample Entry: Her intro post from Somarium.

I can write a more updated sample if necessary.


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